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“luciole” fireflies are beings of light in the midst of darkness.If we awaken our potential, illusion and sense of hope, we can also infect others with magic, sharing what we know with the purpose of educating and bringing refreshing collections with our own style, but with great influence from traditional techniques. Collaborate  creative artists dedicated to design, engraving, serigraphy and illustration. Luciole was born with the purpose of continuing to promote graphics, as one of the impact techniques in Puerto Rican history, mixing the traditional with less toxic contemporary techniques.



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Puerto Rican artist born in Yauco, Puerto Rico. He studied at the Inter-American University of San Germán, obtaining a Bachelor of Painting and Graphic Arts in 2009, at the same time he participated in the Ronald E. Mcnair research program, his research based on new less toxic contemporary techniques in engraving, dabbling in these techniques, in order to guide artists and the general public to protect their health and environment. In 2004 he obtained a certification in advertising art and design. She is an engraver and instructor of engraving, serigraphy, illustration, drawing and painting. She has also dabbled as a clothing designer and illustrator. She is co-founder of the La Potería workshop store in, Aguadilla PR. I work together with Prof. Fernando Santiago as an assistant in the Non-Toxic engraving workshop at the 8th and 9th International Printmaking Biennial O Douro, Portugal. He has been a workshop facilitator in various museums and institutions (Ponce Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Miramar Museum of Art and Design, Las Américas Museum, Foundations, public and private schools. He is a workshop facilitator in important community impact projects at the Museum de Arte de Ponce, such as Puerto Rico Mio, at La Escuela La Carmen, Maricao, Arte en La Playa de Ponce, and Arte para todos, at the Museum and other communities.She was a cultural promoter at Fundación Bucarabón, impacting disadvantaged communities leading her a new vision of educational and cultural workshops for the community and digitization and organization of the first Digital Archive of the town of Maricao.During 2010 - 2013, Caraballo has participated in multiple collective exhibitions in Puerto Rico and internationally including: International Biennial of Mini Engravings, Museo De Las Américas, San Juan, PR, Another Look at Engraving Aguadilla History Museum, 2nd Global Print DOURO, Portugal, The 44th Yokosuka Peace Exhibition of Art. Yokosuka International Biennial Exhibition of print, Japan, International Season Insicioni Al Femminile, Napoli (La Pietra), Italy and 8th International Printmaking Biennial Of DOURO, Portugal. The same, I work together with Prof. Fernado Santiago as an assistant in the Non-Toxic Engraving workshop at the 8th and 9th International Printmaking Biennial Of DOURO, Portugal. Obtained Honorable Mention at 3rd International ''Enter into Art'', Cologne, Nassau and Rhine-Region, Germany and is part of the 15 selected artists ''Enter into Art ''Winner Exhibition in the Town Hall Foyer of WeiBenthurn, Germany , part of the 35 artists selected at International Print Exchange India and Finalist Osten Bieniale, Macedonia 2022 2023.

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Resident artist and collaborator at Finca Colibri // Luciole taller de gráfica.

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French artist and paper conservator, Manon Sauvage works with paper, handmade papers made with local plants, raw fibers, dyes, watercolours, photography and fine art prints.

She graduated from the National Institute of Cultural Heritage of France, where she studied Heritage Preservation and Paper Conservation. Since then, she has been privileged to live and work through different countries between Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. She is currently living in France.

Her artistic work is deeply inspired by traditional craftsmanship, ancestral wisdom and rituals from different times, countries and cultures. While reminding us of our sacred bond with Earth, her work aims to honor and follow the guidance of natural spaces surrounding us, by celebrating the healing power, beauty and importance of Nature in our lives.

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